Q .What’s in Art Clay Silver?

Art Clay Silver is composed of 1/20 micron sized silver particles, organic binders, and water. Once completely dried and fired, the remaining piece is 99.9% pure silver.

Q. What is the difference between Sterling Silver and Pure Silver?

Sterling Silver is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of one or more other metals. A common misconception is that copper always makes up the remainder, when in reality titanium, platinum, palladium, and a list of other metals are often used. The addition of another metal to the silver creates an alloy. Sterling Silver is stronger than Pure Silver, and it tarnishes more quickly as well. Pure Silver is composed of 99.9% silver and nothing else.

Q. What is Art Clay Silver?

Art Clay Silver is a pure metal powder combined with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln, torch or gas stovetop fired, the binders Burn Away, leaving pure, 99.9% silver. Art Clay Silver can be added to a variety of media: glass, ceramics, porcelain and polymer clay to name a few. It can be rolled, sculpted, stamped, sanded, filed, engraved, drilled and pre-polished, all prior to firing. Once fired, it is pure silver and can be treated like any other pure silver.

Q. How is Art Clay manufactured?

Art Clay is a recycled product manufactured by Aida Chemical Industries in Japan. Aida recycles and reclaims a variety of different metals, and the silver comes from many different sources, like film stock and negatives. Please refer to www.metalclayalchemist.com. for more info.


Lorraine Long is a certified instructor, Level 1, Art Clay Silver, sponsored by Aida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. Certification classes are taught by artist Carrie Steele through Metal Clay Alchemist. She has certified many Level1, and Senior instructors throughout Canada. Check it out!


For more information about metal clay and her jewelry please contact Lorraine at info@bijouxboreal.com or 1-306-551-9612.